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Investigating non-naturally occuring phenomena

OpenDoorz Paranormal Research uses the scientific approach to obtain evidence and proof of non-naturally occurring phenomena. I would like to take this time to show you some of our equipment. It is important to note that I am constantly adding new equipment. Keep watching the news page and this page for updated photos of equipment.


8 Camera DVR and 4 Camera DVR


Here are some of my infrared video cameras

camera cables, seems like miles of wires; 60 footers, 100 footers, and 200 footers oh my!

and more camera cables...

EMF meters

standard voice recorders and professional voice recorders

Contact Thermometer ,Infra-red thermometer, and Non-contact infrared thermometer.

Audio monitoring equipment

Tripods for cameras

Portable mini-DVR. This has its own internal power source that will last for up to four hours, or it can be run off AC. It triggers on infrared or motion. Also it has its own remote control.



Sony DVD burner. you can burn DVDs from several different types of sources such as, RCA,USB,SD cards and mini SD cards, and memory stick.

Parabolic microphone,bionic ear or electronic listening device whichever you choose to call it. This is a very useful tool for paranormal research. First it has an adjustable bandwith so that you can slightly adjust the hz range that you are listening for. This enables you to conduct EVP sessions in real time and hear your responses loudly without having to clean them up with computer software. The user can also adjust background noises so they do not interfere with your investigation. I used this with great success.


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