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Courtesy Bowling Green Daily News

Courtesy BG Daily News

Jeff and Shelly on the front page of the Glasgow Daily Times Newspaper at the Mentz Hotel in Park City Kentucky. Courtesy of Glasgow Daily Times


Jeff Yeckering Owner of OpenDoorz Paranormal Research was featured in the Bowling Green Daily News for his second appearance on My Ghost Story Caught on Camera.

Theresa Shea of Bowling Green says she has had many supernatural experiences throughout her life.

“I’ve always kind of believed in paranormal things,” she said.

Growing up in Iowa, she said her family’s house had a ghost, and in college she claimed she saw a statue’s eyes glow red with a supernatural presence.

So Shea was no stranger to the paranormal when she says activity began at Tea Squares, the business she and her husband own, as well as in their living quarters above the shop.

The reported supernatural occurrences at Tea Squares will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera.”

A few months ago, Alix Mattingly, a Tea Squares employee, met Jeff Yeckering, owner of Open Doorz Paranormal Research, and told him about paranormal experiences at the shop. Objects have been thrown across the room or moved on their own, and apparitions of spirits have appeared, they say.

“You’d see someone out of the corner of your eye, but you turn and they’re not there,” Mattingly said.

She’s been around talk of the paranormal her whole life, so she’s never felt scared or threatened by the occurrences at Tea Squares. “It’s just kind of become part of the routine,” Mattingly said. “It’s commonplace.”

Yeckering previously shot an episode of “My Ghost Story” about Octagon Hall in Franklin, which is scheduled to air Feb. 23. A producer of the show asked if Yeckering had any other paranormal investigations going on, and he mentioned Tea Squares.

He thought the shop would be a good place for the show to feature because it’s in such a significant, historic location in Bowling Green.

“I knew there had to be some type of energy left over from all that history,” Yeckering said. “There is so much history on the square that (paranormal) activity is everywhere.”

Producers of the show took the video camera footage shot by Yeckering during his investigation of Tea Squares last fall, and a camera crew came to the shop to shoot additional footage for the episode. Yeckering and Shea also visited Los Angeles to film interviews at the show’s studio in December. All that content will be edited into an eight-minute segment that will be part of an episode airing this spring, though a specific date hasn’t been set.

Yeckering said he found the evidence at Tea Squares unsettling and surprising, though his contract with the show prevents him from giving any more details about the segment.

Shea was also surprised at what was captured on video, but she said the paranormal occurrences don’t bother her. “The first time you see it, it can be unsettling, but we’ve kind of gotten used to it happening,” she said. “I don’t feel there’s anything bad here.”

Jeff Yeckering Owner of OpenDoorz Paranormal Research was featured in The Bowling Green Daily News for his upcoming appearance on an episode of A&E's My Ghost Story Caught on Camera.

Courtesy of Bowling Green Daily News and Alex Slitz

Seminar/ presentation  Warren County Public Library


Poster For Simpson County Kentucky Seminar.


Bowling Green Daily News article

Paranormal Investigator



By LAUREL WILSON The Daily News[email protected]/783-3240 | 0 comments

Jeff Yeckering has two careers: one in law enforcement and another as a paranormal investigator.

"By day, I wear a badge and a gun," he said. "But at night, I conduct a little bit different (kind of) investigation."



Yeckering, of Bowling Green, owns Open Doorz Paranormal Research, and on Tuesday night, he spoke at the main branch of the Warren County Public Library, explaining the science behind paranormal activity and techniques he uses in his research.

He knows some people think paranormal events are science fiction, but he disagrees.

"Fiction, no. Science, yes," Yeckering said.

Many people may find paranormal activities hard to believe because movies present them in a fantastic way, which Yeckering doesn’t like, he said.

"Paranormal activity is not like that," he said. "Sometimes it’s just the smallest thing." An example is placing keys on a counter only to find they have moved a few minutes later.

Often, paranormal events occur outside the range of human hearing and vision, such as on the infrared or radio wave spectrum, Yeckering said. That means people don’t always know when paranormal activity is taking place. However, recording devices such as video cameras and audio recorders can pick up sights and sounds outside the human range.

"We can’t hear it, but it can record," Yeckering said. He’s met many people who play a recording they made and hear or see something that they didn’t see or hear while they recorded it.

When Yeckering conducts a paranormal investigation, he doesn’t want to know any background information about the circumstances surrounding a spirit or the building where it is, he said. He wants to rely on recordings.

"I want them to tell me the story," he said. He knows anything he catches on camera is real, whereas his mind could be influenced by other factors, so he can’t trust what he sees.

"If a camera sees it, you know it’s there," Yeckering said. "If you see it, it may be subjective instead of objective like a camera."

Though nonhuman spirits, which are demons, may be vicious to people in its surroundings, human spirits usually aren’t, he said.

"Most of the time in a haunting, they just want you to know they’re there," Yeckering said.

In November, he will appear on the Biography Channel’s show "My Ghost Story Caught on Camera." On his segment of the show, he’ll talk about a video he shot that shows an electrical process that has never been caught on film, he said. He can’t give many details about it until the episode airs, but he can say that the video will show an orb, which is an energy left over from a person who has died, transforming into something else.

— For more information about Yeckering, visit his website at

Seminar/Presentation at Warren County Public Library on October 16,2012


Paranormal Researcher Jeff Yeckering at the Warren County Public Library

Paranormal researcher Jeff Yeckering will speak at the Main Library on Tuesday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m. Jeff is a deputy by day, but by night, is a paranormal researcher. He is the owner of OpenDoorz Paranormal Research.

Paranormal researcher Jeff Yeckering will speak at the Main Library on Tuesday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m.

Jeff is a deputy by day, but by night, is a paranormal researcher. He is the owner of OpenDoorz Paranormal Research. Jeff has been featured in newspapers for his evidence and scientific methods in studying non-naturally occurring phenomena. He was recently featured on an episode of My Ghost Story Caught on Camera for A&E Biography channel.

“Ever since I was sixteen years old I have tried to understand this type of phenomena and why it occurs,” says Jeff. “I have spent most of my life studying this type of phenomena on a scientific level and am armed with an arsenal of special infrared cameras and other specialized equipment to explore what happens below the range of our vision and hearing levels.”

Jeff will discuss his methods of research including his study of energy and how to harness the energy to enhance paranormal phenomena. He will also show a photo presentation of paranormal anomalies, show a DVD of his recorded paranormal activity. He will talk about different types of hauntings and why a spirit would remain here.

For more information about this event, call 270-781-4882.t

Jeff Yeckering of OpenDoorz Paranormal Research was also featured in the Franklin favorite for his scientific work and his upcoming appearance on A&E Biography's My Ghost Story Caught on Camera.  courtesy of The Franklin Favorite.


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